GT: Well hello Bibi!  How have you been?

BJ: I’ve been great… Especially now that I’m Digital Playground Contract Star! ;)

GT: Yes you are!  And congrats on that.  You are gonna have so much fun!

GT: I gotta say, I’m totally excited to see your work with Digital Playground….YOU ARE HOT!  How’s it feel to be the youngest DP contract girl?

BJ: I love it! I haven’t gotten to actually work with DP yet for a movie but I’ve always loved DP films so I’m super excited to start!!!

GT: OK DP peeps…let’s get this chick on film all ready!

GT: How did this come to be?  Were you contacted by DP?

BJ: Well I started talking to Jesse Jane on Twitter and she gave me the low down and the info to get in touch with Digital Playground so I called Joone and the next week… I’m contracted haha.

GT: They waste no time on good talent.

GT: Before DP, have you been in any other films?

BJ: Yes, I did about 30 scenes before DP with a bunch of website companies.

GT: Can you give us a little something about your first film release with DP?

BJ: It will be with Jesse Jane and we’re filming it in January. (:

GT: OH YEAH!!!!!

GT: I’m sure you’re stoked about your first film.  Is there any particular male or female performer that you can’t wait to work with?

BJ: I can’t wait to work with all of the DP girls. They’re soo hot!!!

GT: You got that right!

GT: And speaking of male/female performers, what is your preference?  Girl on girl, boy on girl…..

BJ: I love it all. Girl/girl is so much fun but I would love to get fucked by several guys. I’m just a really sexual person so the more sex the happier I am!

GT: And the more happier we all are, (speaking of the fans of course…heh heh heh) to see you get down and dirty.

GT: Fans will get a chance to meet you in Vegas in Jan 2011 at the AVN’s.  Are you getting ready for the mob?

BJ: I’m really pumped for AEE! This will be my first year to go but I don’t know if there will be a huge mob for me. I’m so new no one probably really knows me but if they do then I can’t wait to meet my fans and get to know them. They’re reallllly important to me!

GT: OK guys and girls who are attending AEE this Jan…Get to the DP booth and check out the latest sensation to join the DP Troop.

GT: So, what made you decide to get into the porn industry?

BJ: Like I said before, I’m super sexual so it just seemed to be the best career for me!

GT: And I thank you for making that career choice!

GT: If you didn’t get into porn, what other type of career would you be doing?

BJ: Growing up I used to always want to be an anchor women for the news so I would probably do that.

GT: They you go DP.  Your next film: “ANCHORWOMEN” starring Bibi Jones as lead anchorwoman!  There’s a hit waiting to be made.

GT: Your beauty should be seen all over.  Do you perform at any gentlemen clubs and if so do you have any plans to perform at any clubs throughout the New Year?

BJ: Dancing is a huge passion of mine! I love it!  So when I’m home back in Phoenix you can always catch me at Bourbon Street Strip Club. (: I dance there almost every day!)

GT: Damn it…gotta get ya over to the east coast!

GT: When filming, do you have some sort of ritual that you do for yourself and your body to get ready for a shoot?

BJ: No.

GT: OK then…just go right it.  I like it.

GT: Have you ever thought about possibly directing?

BJ: Not really, maybe someday.

GT: Not to get too personal but has your family been supportive of your career choice?

BJ: They aren’t proud of it but my parents are amazing and I had the best childhood so no matter what I do they will always be there for me and support me. Same goes for my 3 older sisters!

GT: Let’s get into sex positions.  Which do you prefer?  Are you an anal kinda girl or do you stick to couchy fucking?  Yeah I did say couchy.

BJ: It really doesn’t matter what position.  Just as long as I’m getting man-handled then I’m happy – hahaha.  I do love anal but I’m saving that for later on. Right now…just pussy fucking!

GT: Pussy fucking is OK in my book.

GT: Which is your least favorite?

BJ: Don’t have one!

GT: Really?  OK, I’ll ask you again later this year.

GT: Is there a difference when having sex on film as opposed to having sex off camera?

BJ: Of course, sex on film is a lot of fun and such a rush… I love it so much! But sex off camera is usually more passionate. So both are amazing!

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player and one movie, which movie would that be and why?

BJ: Tough question, I love the Pirate movies Digital Playground made so probably one of those!

GT: Nice, you’d bring porn.  And here I am thinking maybe Castaway or Annie… What the hell was I thinking?  DUH!

GT: Now, let’s play the “First Game and Favorites”.  Your first job.

BJ: Waitress at Boomerang in OKC.

GT: First kiss?

BJ: My first real kiss was by a girl when I was in 7th grade and my first real kiss by a boy was in 8th…at a water park.

GT: Nice!

GT: First concert?


GT: I’m sorry.

GT: First porn you ever watched.

BJ: I don’t remember who the talent was or who made it but I was 14 with a girlfriend of mine at her house that we took out of her dad’s closet lol.

GT: First car?

BJ: 2007 Ford Focus… Yuck!

GT: Favorite food?

BJ: Mexican!

GT: Favorite turn-on.

BJ: To be controlled, hair pulling, choking, & biting. But at the same time, I love to be passionate.

GT: Favorite female and male performer?

BJ: Love them all! (;

GT: Craziest place you had sex?

BJ: School, doctor’s office, dressing room?

GT: What modern convenience can you not live without?

BJ: My phone

GT: For your all the new fans that you’re about to gain, what’s your website, do you have a Twitter, MySpace or Facebook yatta yatta yah so that they can follow your adventures in life?


GT: Is there something you’d like to tell your old/new fans that they don’t know about you that you can share?

BJ: I think I’ve been pretty honest with my fans. I constantly keep in contact with them on forums, Facebook, and twitter. I tell them everything! (:


Toney T.


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