Zero Tolerance
Who’s Your Daddy? Vol. 15

Directed By:
Mike Quasar

Cameron Canada, Sadie Holmes, Stacie Jaxxx, Linda Lay, Lara Brookes

Special Features:
Trailers, Gallery, CumShots

Scene 1: Cameron Canada
Scene 2: Lara Brookes
Scene 3: Linda Lay
Scene 4: Saide Holmes
Scene 5: Stacie Jaxxx

Come to papa! Stunning Cameron Canada leads this cast of hot girls with major daddy issues! They’re looking for the perfect sugar daddy stud to take care of their every need in all ways possible! So help them celebrate the fifteenth installment of this wildly popular series that asks the eternal question, “Who’s Your Daddy?

I’ll be real with ya…..normally I’m not into watching fuck flicks featuring chicks that look like they are 18 years old getting drilled to the max from dudes in there late 30′s.  But due to the fact that we review films here I can not refuse to review this type of film.  I’ll just be fair and review it the best I can without judging it too harsh.

The title alone got me thinking…”Who’s your daddy?”  Do females really like this to be said to them while having sexytime?  Maybe..maybe not.  But there is a place for the fetish who really dig that kinda shit.  And thats fine.  Me, if I was a chick getting it hard and a dude said that, I would totally crack the fuck up!  That would ruin things a bit.

On a good note I gotta say that this film caught my eye with the starlet on the cover, Cameron Canada.  She kick starts this film with the first scene.  Scene begins with her walking into a room and talking to the camera dude about herself and the scene.  Then it jumps right into some fucking action.  I must say I had to give Cameron two thumbs waaaaaaay up!  She rocked this scene and it totally took me away from what the title of this movie was.  She devoured Anthony’s cock and even squirted!  total A+ scene.

As for the rest of the scenes, well they were all basically repeats of the first scene just with different females.  They also fit the mold of the very young looking girl having sex with an older dude.  I’m not saying Cameron doesn’t look young….she just performed her scene like a professional who has been in the adult business for a few years as opposed to just getting into the game with that innocent shy look.

For those of you who like films that have females that look very young then yes you will totally love this film.  If you are a fan of Cameron it is a MUST that you have this film in your collection.  For me, if she wasn’t in this film and it didn’t have a scene like the first one then I wouldn’t recommend it.  I give this film two stars…..basically for Cameron.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Review by:
Toney T.

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