Diary of a Pornstar – Nyomi Banxxx

A Day in the Life of Nyomi Banxxx
When I was asked to write a blog about my day (Porn Star diary) the day and the life of a porn star. I didn’t know quite what to say. Seeing I’m not like the typical porn star that society swears we are, but I’m a woman with texture and a soul of different layers.

Let start by saying that most of my morning begins with praying for my love ones and to surround myself with positive people.  Next, I make a few phone calls to the important love ones in my life, to see if all is ok. Next I talk to my number #1 supporters my fans on Twitter! Even if it’s just a simple greeting of “Good Morning Sexy Tweeters”.  Next, I take a look at my calendar that’s hanging on my cream colored walls. I see I have a double duty day, meaning I’m shooting a parody for Black Ice (sex and dialogue), which is a long day, plus my radio show on Spice Radio tonight. As of lately, I’ve been extremely busy. Now know, I’m not complaining at all. A Black woman my age being busy in the porn game like this is a blessing. Note that this is the 3rd shoot this week and I still have another shoot tomorrow.  Plus, I have a few deadlines for my own business. So, I see that I have 9am call time.  Now having an early morning call time is what I love best, get it in and get it out (no pun intended).

So I can get on with the rest of my day. I also see that I’m working with the sexy Nat Turner today. Umm what a great week I’ve had: James Dean on Monday, Mike Adriano on Tuesday, Nat Turner on Thursday and a repeat with James Dean tomorrow. A sista is heaven now. Next I jumped in shower, as I air dry, I’m sitting answering some emails and talking with my business partner on the phone. Then, I remember that I didn’t pack my shoot bag. I hang up with my partner and take a look at my calendar and see that wardrobe is provided for me. Just bring a few different shoes from the 70s era. OK, now where the hell would I find that?  Well to my surprise, I forgot that I had some 70s like shoes from feature shows hidden way in the back of my closet. Well I’ll just grab that a few other high heels.  Well my bag is packed with my shoes and my toiletries for the day! Time to put on my clothes, go down and feed my 3 little ones, Chico, Cubby and Brownie. Oh my it’s funny how they start barking and crying when they hear me coming down the stairs, knowing that I’m coming to feed them.

So, I look at the clock in the kitchen and notices that it’s a quarter to 8, and time for me to head to the valley. Now I love LA, but the one thing I don’t like is the traffic. At least when I lived in Chicago, I knew all the short cuts to avoid traffic. In LA, you need to be careful with shortcuts—you could go off a dang mountain. So, sitting in traffic has become a very exhausting thing for me! What I usually do is put in a CD of music from a few of my artist to see what they’ve been working on, but today I didn’t do that. I just sat in silence and thought about the year I’ve had.  All I could do was smile!
As I approach the studio, I see there is nowhere to park. I see D Snoop (talent) talking to a guy that seems as if he’s getting ready to leave. So maybe, I’ll take his parking spot. But nope, he was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. I finally find a parking spot and D Snoop comes over to help me. As I enter the building, I’m greeted by one of my favorite people, Jax, and I see we have Daniel on set to beat my face (doing my makeup). The room was filled with some other sexy familiar faces, Ms. Jessica Bangkok, Austin Taylor and Bella Moretti, but I have yet to see any male talent in the building as of yet! Which kind of had me a little worried, since they’ve been on set since about 6 I guess. I might be wrong. Well anyway, as I’m waiting for my turn in the makeup chair, I’m getting fitted for my wardrobe. Talking about straight out of the 70s, you can say that: 70’s funky color tight bell bottoms pants with a hip blonde wig. Feeling a little Foxy Brown coming on!! I guess no Chi Chi Banks today. That’s Daniel’s and my little joke. When he finishes my makeup, I transform into the drag queen Chi Chi Banks! Finally, it’s my turn in the makeup chair, and of course we have so much to talk about. Haven’t seen him since the shooting of Elegant Angels “Nyomi Banxxx is Hardcore”. He’ll also be doing my makeup tomorrow for “Elegant Angel Performers of the Year”, which we were quite excited over. As he finishes my makeup and we see the transformation, we suck in our cheeks and voom voom voom, Chi Chi Banks is in the house (well today with a little Foxy Brown in it).

It’s about 2pm now still on set, and I have yet to shoot anything. I’m not really complaining, because I got to socialize with some of my other favorite people Tony Flush (directed the movie) and Dewayne Dane—we haven’t seen each other since the Friday Parody which Dewayne directed, along with my buddy, Jax. These guys know they are so funny, but real cool.  Jax is on set helping Tony, which they usually do for each other. He does the same for Jax, when he’s directing. Boy honestly, I didn’t know that men could talk this much!

At this time it’s lunch, excuse me, dinner, at about 5pm. And may I mention I have yet to shoot? But we did just finishing shooting the box cover of myself, Nat, Austin and Jessica. No sex scene has been shot, as of yet! Now, I’m a very understanding person, but I have to get to the radio station by 10, so I’m hoping they get my scene together. Well now it’s 10 ‘clock, and yes I’m shooting, but I’m shooting the dialogue scenes, no sex yet! Now remember when I said that I have a shoot with Elegant in the morning, and I leave like now. What are we going to do about this? Well just say this, I have another long day tomorrow doing a back-to-back scene.

So I’m headed to the radio studio, running right in straight to the booth with no time to take a breath. I was lucky there’s no traffic.  Once I got on the air, I was fine! I love my 2 hrs of non-stop sexy stories from my fans and advice. Now, my show is over and it’s time to head home. It’s 1am and I have another hour drive home, Ugh, but I still have to prepare for my anal scene in the morning with a call time of 8 am. It’s a lucky thing that Daniel will be there to beat my face. This was one of those crazy days of traffic and being on set. Just know that my patience was truly tested today!! But, I Kept It Sexy the entire time.

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